Multiple Goods Fair


The first annual Multiple Goods Fair is a showcase for artists, makers, and craftspeople; creative people making thoughtful, useful, practical, beautiful, utilitarian, well made, high craft, sustainable and conceptual objects. Every object has a story and every purchase gives back to the community.

Compound Yellow
244 Lake Street, Oak Park, IL
In the L-Studio and YZ Gallery

Opening Preview and reception:
Friday, Dec. 14: 5p–9p (First 20 people get a prize! PTBD)

Fair Hours:
Saturday, Dec. 15: 11p–7p
Sunday, Dec. 16: 12p–6p

Facebook event link

We will feature one Fundraising edition of Kagan Radios and original drawings. All proceeds raised from the sale of Kagan radios and drawings will go toward Spring and summer programming at Compound Yellow, 2019.

30 original drawings by George Kagan, 8" by 11", $50 each, radio prices will vary between $100 and $300.


Alberto Aguilar
Broke Boy
Chicago Comb Co.
Considered Cloth
Elizabeth Burke-Dain
Holly Holmes
Kagan Radios
Kendall Haley Schrauder
Laura Shaeffer
Madeleine Aguilar
Maria Levy
Marianne Fairbanks
Ms. Amy Taylor
North Branch Projects
Seeds in Service
Susan Garguilo
Suzanne Arata
Troy Hagenbart
and More!

10% of all sales will go to a local organisation doing good work for the community (TBD)

Graphic Design: Gabriel Chapin



Support our artists and small businesses! Entrance is free.

It is up to individual exhibitors as to how they will accept payments, but most will be able to accept credit and debit cards via mobile payment technology.

If paying cash, an ATM is located at Pete's Fresh Market across the street, but please try to come prepared with small bills.