Compound Yellow Workspace <Drawing by Madeleine Aguilar>


Compound Yellow is located at:  244 Lake St., Oak Park, IL, 60302

Please contact us before visiting - until further notice we will be open for events and by appointment only. 

Compound Yellow is an independent, experimental arts space in Oak Park, IL.

We are a creative learning and research space comprised of a group of artists, educators, parents and engaged citizens. Compound Yellow provides spaces for studio practices, workshops, lectures, talks, collective imagining and exhibitions. We are interested in experimental cultural production, sharing economies, participatory art, and interdisciplinary explorations. 

We want to celebrate a culture of sharing, connecting and collective action! We'd love to hear from you.


Self–Reliance School (SRS)

Self-Reliance School (SRS) started as a collaboration by Temporary Services and Compound Yellow. It was inspired by the Self-Reliance Library: an installation by Temporary Services consisting of over 80 books, as well as furniture and banners that take influence from ideas found in the library. The collection is designed to provoke the reader, encourage a deeper relationship with our shared natural and human environment, solve creative problems, or suggest imaginative directions for a range of creative practices. Click here for more details.

The Self-Reliance School is hosting classes, workshops, talks, public events and programs, an artist editions' shop, and exhibition residencies. SRS is currently taking proposals.



We are currently accepting proposals for The Self-Reliance School, a year-long series of programming led by artists, educators and citizens about collaborative research to develop projects that engage publics with a variety of perspectives and responses to what it means to share knowledge and participate in cultural production.

Programming includes workshops, book clubs, film series, readings + discussions, performative lectures, storytelling, multiples to make and distribute, services to offer and other ideas for a new future. 


Compound Yellow is a collaborative project currently run by Alisa Reith, Lora Lode, Dylan Cale Jones, Laura Shaeffer, and Matthew Nicholas. 

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