Compound Yellow is entirely volunteer-run. We are dedicated to serving the community, and rely on your support to continue our efforts. We welcome support in any way. Volunteer some time on site? Great! Want to support our marketing efforts? Love it! Have some money to donate? Please do! We are grateful for the tremendous support of our community. Thank you for keeping us alive! 


We welcome and appreciate monetary donations of any amount. We realize the world is filled with important and worthy causes, and we are grateful you consider us among them.
Have some materials or equipment you think would be useful to CY? Send us an email at We’re tight on space, but you never know!


We are currently accepting proposals for The Self-Reliance School, an ongoing series of programming led by artists, educators and citizens about collaborative research to develop projects that engage publics with a variety of perspectives and responses to what it means to share knowledge and participate in cultural production.

Programming includes workshops, book clubs, film series, readings + discussions, performative lectures, storytelling, multiples to make and distribute, services to offer and other ideas for a new future. 

*Due to a high volume of requests, we are not able to respond to submissions immediately; we review submissions on a bi-monthly basis. Thank you for your patience.
Visit our Submissions page to send us a proposal!


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