Installation of Alberto Aguilar’s  Multiple Entries , 2018, part of the exhibition series, “12 Openings”

Installation of Alberto Aguilar’s Multiple Entries, 2018, part of the exhibition series, “12 Openings”

Floor Plan of Gallery Space

Floor Plan of Gallery Space


We accept proposals for a range of programming, including, but not limited to: exhibitions, performances, workshops, classes, discussions, public art projects, performing arts events, interventions, community programs, and whatever art-based practice you’re engaged in.
Compound Yellow’s programming consists of both unsolicited and solicited works. We want to hear from you! Just complete the form below. A few tips on submitting a strong proposal:

  • Write a clear description of the event or exhibition proposed – describe the works to be included, what are they made of, what do they look like, why does the work matter to you, to the world. Show, don’t tell.

  • Include images of the work you want to exhibit or of works that are very similar; make sure we get a clear idea of what you wish to exhibit at CY. (Images not necessary if you’re not proposing a visual art project.)

  • Submit audio or video files if you’re proposing a performance.

  • Check out the gallery floor plan to the left here to make sure our space works for your needs.

  • We are experimental, but may not be able to accommodate your wildest dreams of altering our space (i.e., we’re not able to take down the four walls of the gallery). We welcome your ideas, but please be flexible.

  • Please visit CY before you submit so you can see the various spaces we have to offer. This will ensure your proposal makes as much sense as possible at CY. Email us to schedule a visit:

We are also accepting proposals for The Self-Reliance School, an ongoing series of programming led by artists, educators and citizens about collaborative research to develop projects that engage publics with a variety of perspectives and responses to what it means to share knowledge and participate in cultural production. What does self-reliance mean to you? Let this be a guide to think about how to be creatively and critically involved at Compound Yellow.

Proposals are reviewed quarterly; no submissions will be reviewed outside of this time frame. *Due to a high volume of requests, we are not able to respond to submissions immediately. Thank you for your patience.

NOTE: Artists/CY participants are primarily responsible for installation and de-installation of work(s). At the end of the installation/exhibition/use of space, spaces should be returned to the condition they were found in (removal of hardware, patching holes, painting, etc.) Compound Yellow collaborators can be available for assistance in some cases -- let’s talk prior to installation! Support materials like tools, paint, painting supplies are typically available at Compound Yellow. We appreciate your time and your work and your help to keep our space available for future awesome work. Thanks!

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Event Date
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