SRS + Dylan Cale Jones with Read/Write Library


Observation Devices is a growing collection of artworks by Dylan Cale Jones. Observation Devices takes its title from the Chicago Police Department's surveillance cameras, called 'Police Observation Devices'. These cameras are part of Operation Virtual Shield, one of the largest networks of surveillance infrastructure in the world. When plans for this surveillance network were unveiled, Mayor Richard Daley declared the city's goal to have "a camera on every corner."


Although observation has power it also has limitations. All forms of observation leave some things unseen. By using numerous mediums Dylan Cale Jones develops a complex picture of the public space surrounding the cameras. These drawings, sculptures, photographs, texts, and events document the artist’s observations of public spaces in Chicago’s Humboldt Park neighborhood. Observation Devices offers both a critique and an expansion of Operation Virtual Shield, demonstrating ways that observation can foster curiosity, intimacy, and connection.


In conjunction with Observation Devices, Humboldt Park’s Read/Write Library will present a pop-up library with special selections from its collection. Read/Write Library will also hold free workshops that encourage members of Oak Park and its surrounding neighborhoods to produce and contribute materials to the pop-up library. Read/Write Library collects, preserves, and provides access to community-made media to inspire and promote diverse modes of cultural production and civic engagement.

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