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PUBLIC SPACE CAMP (PSC) Grassroots Research Workshop w/ Read/Write Libraries led by Nell Taylor

Public Space Camp (PSC) is part of the Self Reliance School at Compound Yellow.

PSC is an exhibition and series of events presented by Compound Yellow and curated by Dylan Cale Jones and Laura Shaeffer. 

PSC is designed to engage members of the public in creatively defining, determining, imagining, observing, representing and using public spaces.

Grassroots Research Workshop w/ Read/Write Libraries

In this workshop, led by Nell Taylor, participants will discuss the role of libraries and other institutional keepers of knowledge and explore simple approaches to transferring that authority to their own communities by challenging and adding to the record. We will generate questions about Oak Park and the Chicago area, neighborhoods, parks, public art, streets and transportation, or whatever line of local inquiry participants choose, and work together to compile potential sources to answer them using the expertise of local media and our family, friends, and neighbors.