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PUBLIC SPACE CAMP (PSC) Hannah Barco – Infrastructures of Encounter: The Sidewalk Workshop

Public Space Camp (PSC) is part of the Self Reliance School at Compound Yellow.

PSC is an exhibition and series of events presented by Compound Yellow and curated by Dylan Cale Jones and Laura Shaeffer. 

PSC is designed to engage members of the public in creatively defining, determining, imagining, observing, representing and using public spaces.


This one-day intensive workshop will use the observation and sculptural reproduction of urban sidewalk to examine the systems that create, shape, and maintain both the infrastructure and culture of public space.  Through a morning of observation and an afternoon of making, workshop participants will discuss their experiences of, hopes for, and concerns about public space, while creating a new sidewalk path to welcome people into the front yard at Compound Yellow.  How might the sidewalk play a vital role in contemporary democracy?