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PUBLIC SPACE CAMP (PSC) – Hui-Min Tsen – "At Bounded Space" Performance

Public Space Camp (PSC) is part of the Self Reliance School at Compound Yellow.

PSC is an exhibition and series of events presented by Compound Yellow and curated by Dylan Cale Jones and Laura Shaeffer. 

PSC is designed to engage members of the public in creatively defining, determining, imagining, observing, representing and using public spaces.


In Bounded Space

You have met a boundary line. Have you crossed this line before? Can you see it? Does it have height? Does it surround you? Does it provide you with a homeland? Does it give you shelter? Can the wind cross it? Did someone make it visible? Does it legally divide? Does it follow the flow of water? Did someone tell you not to cross it? Is the boundary dangerous? If you cross this boundary, can you still breath? Does the air become water? Do your lungs seize up in fear? Once you cross the line, can you come back? Would you want to? Do you feel more free? Is it a mirror image of where you came from? Are your stepping in? Are you stepping out? Do you feel different? Does it smell different? Do you belong?