March 18 - April 24: Gone But Not Forgotten

March 18, 2-4p: Talk with Rachel Wallis

March 22, 6-9p: Sewing Circle with Rachel (rsvp:

Gone But Not Forgotten is a collaborative quilting project creating a memorial quilt for individuals killed by the Chicago Police Department or while in police custody from 2006 to 2015. In collaboration with the grassroots group We Charge Genocide, artist Rachel Wallis planned and organized a series of peace circles/quilting circles where participants could read the victims’ stories aloud, while creating a hand embroidered quilt in their memory. The circles have provided a safe space where more than 200 people from vastly different neighborhoods and backgrounds could come together and discuss transformative justice, police accountability, and community safety. Together, we created a six panel quilt which stretches nearly 40 feet in length and commemorating the lives of 144 individuals.

Compound Yellow will be exhibiting one of the six finished quilt panels, while hosting public quilting circles creating squares for the seventh, and final panel of the project.