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Primes - Drawings, Works on Paper, and No-Watt Radio Dan S. Wang

APRIL 2 – MAY 6, 2017  


Opening Reception: April 2 - 2 - 6p

Talk: April 23, 4-6p - What is our current political situation?

Closing Reception: May 6, 5-8p

Open Hours: Saturdays 1-4 and by appointment (contact

Gallery X-suburban                 No-Watt Radio Tower (99.9 WENO)

The 99.9 WENO transmission tower is a no-tech broadcast system. It is a tetrahedron, just under seven feet tall minus its no-watt antenna, and three feet wide at the base. The power of transmission reaches an exclusively local audience; one really has to be standing within arm’s length to get the broadcast clearly. For the Primes exhibition WENO is broadcasting in English.

Gallery Y                                    Paper Looks: Selected Works, 2006-

The works in this room were created in the space between more important things. Like paid work and family time. Sometimes there was no space between more important things for months and months. That is never a bad thing.

Gallery Z                            19 in 13 in 1973: Prime Rate Prime Number

This is a suite of drawings that became The Important Thing. For a couple of weeks. It is an associational history of finance, a visualization of one crisis as seen through the materials of another, an upcycling of class aspirational material diverted from the waste stream, and an excuse to hunt for pens.