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Peripheral Vision: A Chicago Perimeter ride project (2015-ongoing)

Peripheral Vision: A Chicago Perimeter ride project (2015-ongoing)
A selection of photographs by Curtis Locke

"Here's the three Rs -- Repetition. Repetition. Repetition." -- Mark e. Smith (the Fall)

Is the presence of a bicycle in an art gallery an inevitable Duchampian gesture, or is it sometimes just Freud's cigar? A bicycle without a cyclist is simply a potential ride, while a cyclist without a bicycle is a bi-ped.

"All is in flux, nothing stays still." -- Heraclitus

The Chicago perimeter ride is a fleeting, ephemeral yet concrete street traffic performance staged site-specific on the outskirts and along the city limits of Chicago. The streets serve as a fringe theater where the methodical, methodized actor-cyclist performs his routine. This ritual ride is repeated like a meditation, a prayer, poem, a song.

"Repetition is a form of change." -- Brian Eno

The route is routinized but varies from time to time. This routine act, spinning bicycle and body, tracing boundaries and memories, traverses 90+ miles through Chicago's built environment. There have been 97 performances to date, both clock-wise and counter, encountering 39 of Chicago's 77 community areas and 30 adjacent municipalities, covering over 8,900 miles. During this same span another 10,000+ miles were pedaled outside the parameters of this project. These cyclical edge performances, fluid and mechanical, topographical but not isochronous, are typically six to seven hours in duration. Completing a circuit, I physically echo previous rides while simultaneously feel the invisible pull of (and anxiously anticipate) the next cycle round, looping endless endless.