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February 18 - Healing Salve Workshop

Let's Make a Salve! 1-5p

A multi-faceted, hands-on look at the qualities of Calendula officinalis. We’ll read about it, observe it, draw it, smell or taste it, as well as learn about making calendula oil which can be used as a base of a luxurious and healing salve. We’ll listen to audio recordings and check out some videos while we explore and make salve. There will be handouts and a salve to take home! Learn about growing it, harvesting it and utilizing its many properties – power to the flower!  With Lora Lode who recently completed the herbal medicine making course certification at Chestnut School of Herbalism. Tea + snacks will be provided. NOTE: We invite a thoughtful exchange or donation - including time-based or labor-based exchanges, and/or material goods. 


Calendula Officinalis + Salve