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COMMUNITY BINDING with North Branch Projects

North Branch Projects: in residency at Compound Yellow!

COMMUNITY BINDING is the driving mechanism behind North Branch Projects. It is a shared endeavor that brings people together in a comfortable, welcoming setting where craft and social interaction combine in the best possible way.  The specific activity is a one or two hour-long workshop that allows participants to gain experience and knowledge in hand bookbinding techniques. A basic Coptic-style stitch is taught, but other binding styles may also be introduced. Non-adhesive stitching methods work well in Community Binding sessions and techniques are introduced in three basic steps: folding signatures, making covers, then stitching the parts together.

he goal of a community binding session is to give participants an opportunity to help assemble an ongoing collection of hand-made books known as the Neighborhood Archive. These collected books are stored in various places, including a growing fleet of roving book shelf pedestals that serve as interactive book stations. Content is open-ended, and visitors and guests have the opportunity to write, draw, or fill the books as they wish. Sometimes the books are taken on location during workshops and festivals to be worked on by the general public.

The skills acquired during the group binding sessions are transferable to other styles of binding, allowing those who devote enough time learning the techniques a chance to explore variations of binding on their own. All tools and materials are provided by North Branch and no experience is necessary. Participants just need to show up willing to learn the techniques and take part in a group effort. Our policy allows guests to make two books: one they offer to North Branch to become part of the archives, the second one they get to keep and take home or give away.

ALL COMMUNITY BINDING SESSIONS ARE FREE OF CHARGE, though we consider it more of an equal exchange opportunity where participants are contributing their time and efforts in exchange for learned skills.

Community Binding is a monthly workshop series with North Branch Projects. Workshops at this location are every 3rd Thursday.