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Primes - Drawings, Works on Paper, and No-Watt Radio Dan S. Wang

APRIL 2 – MAY 6, 2017  


Opening Reception: April 2 - 2 - 6p

Talk: April 23, 4-6p - What is our current political situation?

Closing Reception: May 6, 5-8p

Open Hours: Saturdays 1-4 and by appointment (contact info@compoundyellow.com)

Gallery X-suburban                 No-Watt Radio Tower (99.9 WENO)

The 99.9 WENO transmission tower is a no-tech broadcast system. It is a tetrahedron, just under seven feet tall minus its no-watt antenna, and three feet wide at the base. The power of transmission reaches an exclusively local audience; one really has to be standing within arm’s length to get the broadcast clearly. For the Primes exhibition WENO is broadcasting in English.

Gallery Y                                    Paper Looks: Selected Works, 2006-

The works in this room were created in the space between more important things. Like paid work and family time. Sometimes there was no space between more important things for months and months. That is never a bad thing.

Gallery Z                            19 in 13 in 1973: Prime Rate Prime Number

This is a suite of drawings that became The Important Thing. For a couple of weeks. It is an associational history of finance, a visualization of one crisis as seen through the materials of another, an upcycling of class aspirational material diverted from the waste stream, and an excuse to hunt for pens.

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2:00 PM14:00

Peripheral Vision: A Chicago Perimeter ride project (2015-ongoing)

Peripheral Vision: A Chicago Perimeter ride project (2015-ongoing)
A selection of photographs by Curtis Locke

"Here's the three Rs -- Repetition. Repetition. Repetition." -- Mark e. Smith (the Fall)

Is the presence of a bicycle in an art gallery an inevitable Duchampian gesture, or is it sometimes just Freud's cigar? A bicycle without a cyclist is simply a potential ride, while a cyclist without a bicycle is a bi-ped.

"All is in flux, nothing stays still." -- Heraclitus

The Chicago perimeter ride is a fleeting, ephemeral yet concrete street traffic performance staged site-specific on the outskirts and along the city limits of Chicago. The streets serve as a fringe theater where the methodical, methodized actor-cyclist performs his routine. This ritual ride is repeated like a meditation, a prayer, poem, a song.

"Repetition is a form of change." -- Brian Eno

The route is routinized but varies from time to time. This routine act, spinning bicycle and body, tracing boundaries and memories, traverses 90+ miles through Chicago's built environment. There have been 97 performances to date, both clock-wise and counter, encountering 39 of Chicago's 77 community areas and 30 adjacent municipalities, covering over 8,900 miles. During this same span another 10,000+ miles were pedaled outside the parameters of this project. These cyclical edge performances, fluid and mechanical, topographical but not isochronous, are typically six to seven hours in duration. Completing a circuit, I physically echo previous rides while simultaneously feel the invisible pull of (and anxiously anticipate) the next cycle round, looping endless endless.

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to Feb 26

The next generation presents: Love is Real

The next generation presents: Love is Real: a group shop on the power of love in this time of need. Curated by Robert Joseph Squitieri.

Friday the 24th 7:30 - 10:30 pm

Opening reception of Love is Real
Musical performances by Landon Tate, Yung Assata and Christain Baluch.
Participating artists: Zack Mactavish, Jenna Mazza, Grace McKendry, Zoe Nyman, Rod Saw, Robert Squitieri and Alexander Wilson

Light refreshments provided, BYOB

Saturday, February 25th 3 - 6 pm
Talks and discussion on the power of love to create social change by participating artists.

Sunday, February 26th 3 - 6 pm
Stencil workshop! Join us to make stencils and screen-prints to take out into the world to continue spreading love.

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6:00 PM18:00

Forms & Features at Compound Yellow: Tanka Poetry Workshop

All experience levels are welcome to a discussion and creative workshop run by Poetry Foundation library coordinator Maggie Queeney. In February, we explore tanka, an ancient Japanese mood poem often composed in sequence or conversation.

The group will read and discuss a wide variety of poems. A creative workshop, where participants will be guided through composing original tankas, will conclude the session.

Space is limited. To register, please email info@compoundyellow.com

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1:00 PM13:00

February 18 - Healing Salve Workshop

Let's Make a Salve! 1-5p

A multi-faceted, hands-on look at the qualities of Calendula officinalis. We’ll read about it, observe it, draw it, smell or taste it, as well as learn about making calendula oil which can be used as a base of a luxurious and healing salve. We’ll listen to audio recordings and check out some videos while we explore and make salve. There will be handouts and a salve to take home! Learn about growing it, harvesting it and utilizing its many properties – power to the flower!  With Lora Lode who recently completed the herbal medicine making course certification at Chestnut School of Herbalism. Tea + snacks will be provided. NOTE: We invite a thoughtful exchange or donation - including time-based or labor-based exchanges, and/or material goods. 

RSVP to info@compoundyellow.com

Calendula Officinalis + Salve


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February 12th 						1001 Red Flags by Katherine Alexandria
to Feb 28

February 12th 1001 Red Flags by Katherine Alexandria


As a part of Forms of Exchange, Katherine Alexandria is installing 1001 Red Flags for you to take away as a reminder. Come by any time after 10 am on Sunday February 12th and take yours.

Come wander. Take a red flag out of the thousand, to remind yourself to watch out for the red flags you encounter every day. Trust yourself. Hand printed with love.

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Soundwalk Performance/Norman W. Long
12:00 PM12:00

Soundwalk Performance/Norman W. Long


What is a soundwalk? It is a guided exploration of a site using listening focused skills. We will listen to how the site sounds, as we are moving through it. I believe that through listening we have a tool to define communities and ourselves.

We also can use those tools to shape who we are and where we live. We will be listening for changes, interactions, conditions, weather, traffic, animals, insects, people, vehicles and other factors in what makes a place what it is. We start by listening in our own silence. Being mindful of our own consciousness. Then we focus on how we sound as we move throughout the site. We then expand our listening to what is near to us, what just passed us and then what is ahead.

At the end of the walk we should be able to answer the following questions:

How do these sounds define where you are on the site? What sounds are constant?

What sounds change the site? What moves through it? What are the durations?

What do you expect to hear? What did you remember hearing? What sounds do you like? 

What sounds don’t you like?


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Aki Kaurismäki’s LE HAVRE (2011): Film Screening & Discussion
6:30 PM18:30

Aki Kaurismäki’s LE HAVRE (2011): Film Screening & Discussion

Dylan Cale Jones, Compound Yellow and Odd Obsession Movies invite you to a screening and discussion of Aki Kaurismäki’s LE HAVRE (2011). Kaurismäki’s film follows the story of an aging French Bohemian as he takes in a young African refugee. It has been called a “political fairy tale”. The film asks if the hopeful world it portrays is really possible. It is simultaneously a lesson in the working power of compassion, cooperation and disobedience.

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COMMUNITY BINDING with North Branch Projects
6:00 PM18:00

COMMUNITY BINDING with North Branch Projects

North Branch Projects: in residency at Compound Yellow!

COMMUNITY BINDING is the driving mechanism behind North Branch Projects. It is a shared endeavor that brings people together in a comfortable, welcoming setting where craft and social interaction combine in the best possible way.  The specific activity is a one or two hour-long workshop that allows participants to gain experience and knowledge in hand bookbinding techniques. A basic Coptic-style stitch is taught, but other binding styles may also be introduced. Non-adhesive stitching methods work well in Community Binding sessions and techniques are introduced in three basic steps: folding signatures, making covers, then stitching the parts together.

he goal of a community binding session is to give participants an opportunity to help assemble an ongoing collection of hand-made books known as the Neighborhood Archive. These collected books are stored in various places, including a growing fleet of roving book shelf pedestals that serve as interactive book stations. Content is open-ended, and visitors and guests have the opportunity to write, draw, or fill the books as they wish. Sometimes the books are taken on location during workshops and festivals to be worked on by the general public.

The skills acquired during the group binding sessions are transferable to other styles of binding, allowing those who devote enough time learning the techniques a chance to explore variations of binding on their own. All tools and materials are provided by North Branch and no experience is necessary. Participants just need to show up willing to learn the techniques and take part in a group effort. Our policy allows guests to make two books: one they offer to North Branch to become part of the archives, the second one they get to keep and take home or give away.

ALL COMMUNITY BINDING SESSIONS ARE FREE OF CHARGE, though we consider it more of an equal exchange opportunity where participants are contributing their time and efforts in exchange for learned skills.

Community Binding is a monthly workshop series with North Branch Projects. Workshops at this location are every 3rd Thursday.

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Forms & Features (Chicago Poetry Foundation)
6:00 PM18:00

Forms & Features (Chicago Poetry Foundation)


 Forms & Features at Compound Yellow: Image
All experience levels are welcome to a discussion and creative workshop run by Poetry Foundation staff member Maggie Queeney. In January, we focus on the image, the sensual description evoking the physical world, and the connection between imagery and meaning.

Participants will explore the effects of imagery in a wide range of poems. A creative workshop, where participants will be guided through composing an original image-driven poem, concludes the session. Space is limited. To register, please email us at info@compoundyellow.com


Forms & Features is a monthly workshop series with the Chicago Poetry Foundation. Workshops are every 3rd Monday.

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Forms of Exchange
1:00 PM13:00

Forms of Exchange

Compound Yellow
Forms of Exchange

Opening Reception:
December 18th, 1-4 pm
Join us for a comfort food potluck with fire music and offerings.

Series dates: December 18th through February 19th, 2017

We want to support a culture of sharing resources and ideas to provide a respite from the daily experience of competition and commodification that defines much of our experience. Instead, we want to make space for subversive acts, courage, vulnerability, care for self and other, acts of generosity, sharing economies, anti-competition and we want to acknowledge, support and work alongside all who have fought and continue to fight for human rights for all.

Send us your proposals! Workshops, book clubs, film series, readings + discussions, performative lectures, story telling, multiples to make and distribute (posters, buttons, zines, etc), services to offer and other ideas for a new future. Email us at: info@compoundyellow.com.

List of participating artists:

Nazafarin Lotfi and Mara Baker: Offerings 2016
Lora Lode
Laura Shaeffer
Edra Soto
Hoyun Son

See Facebook https://www.facebook.com/events/1340712759294487/ for an expanding list participants and calendar of events, also found on our website www.compoundyellow.com

Don't miss/come to both!
Terrian's Exhibition
Luis Sahagun:
Between Dreams and Kings
Opening reception:
Dec. 18 2-5PM
Exhibition dates:
Dec. 18 - January 22, 2017


Lora Lode
Jeff Levrant
Regin Igloria
Laura Shaeffer

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2:00 PM14:00

Alberto Aguilar & Jesse Malmed - Home Meant Improv/Uncertainty Makes a Great Show

 *Home Meant Improv/Uncertainty Makes a Great Show*
 Alberto Aguilar * Jesse Malmed

 Sunday October 30th
 2pm to 6pm
 Compound Yellow
 125 N Harvey/244 Lake Street
 Oak Park

 Jesse says:
 Home Meant Improv

 Peppered throughout and to taste: sixteen sweet acts ceremonially mastered
 by Alberto Aguilar and Jesse Malmed (each with enough gentility to name
 the other first in their descriptions). To inaugurate an old space with a
 new name and new ideas, Al and Mal have devised a structure of sorts while
 disorganizing a series of performances within an exhibition. Each will
 perform—without planning or notes—a magic trick, a stand-up bit and a
 song. These interstitials play host to a series of improvising guests.
 Expect kids, parents, friends, friends' parents' kids and other admirable artists,
 preparing for Halloween by being themselves.

 Alberto says:
 Uncertainty Makes a Great Show

 You are invited to a program of 16 uncertain acts. Jesse Malmed and
 Alberto Aguilar act as both master of ceremonies and co-curators. At this
 event they will perform one magic trick, one stand up comedy bit and an
 impromotu song. Along with this they will each invite 5 artists that will
 also perform during the program. An exhibition throughout the compound of
 all performing artists will be on view for an undetermined amount of time.

 Jesse and Alberto will create the backdrop for this variety show to take

 Invited Artists:
 Blair Bogin
 Hui-min Tsen
 Jimmy Schaus
 Josh Rios
 Madeleine Aguilar
 Mitsu Salmon
 Sadie Woods
 Susy Bielak and Fred Schmalz (Balas & Wax)
 and more

 JESSE MALMED is an artist and curator, working in video, performance, text,
 occasional objects and their gaps and overlaps. He has performed, screened
 and exhibited at museums, microcinemas, film festivals, galleries, bars and
 barns, including recent solo presentations at Museum of Contemporary Art
 Chicago, D Gallery, Syntax Season, Roots and Culture, the Chicago Cultural
 Center, Cinema Contra, Microlights, Echo Park Film Center, Lease Agreement
 and the University of Chicago Film Studies Center. Present platformist and
 curatorial projects include the Live to Tape Artist Television Festival,
 programming at the Nightingale Cinema, the mobile exhibition space and
 artist bumper sticker project Trunk Show (with Raven Falquez Munsell),
 programming through ACRE TV and the recently inaugurated Western Pole. A
 native of Santa Fe, Jesse earned his BA at Bard College and his MFA at the
 University of Illinois at Chicago. He was named a "2014 Breakout Artist" by
 Newcity and has attended residencies at ACRE, Ox-Bow, Summer Forum, the
 Chicago Cultural Center and Links Hall. www.jessemalmed.net

 ALBERTO AGUILAR I will write this biography using 165 words but will not
 discover this number until it is complete. From this point forward he will
 be speaking in third person. Alberto Aguilar is a Chicago based aartist
 and was born there as well. Aguilar’s creative practice often incorporates
 whatever materials are at hand as well as exchanges with his family, other
 aartists, and people he encounters. His work bridges media from painting
 and sculpture to video, installation, performance, and sound and has been
 exhibited at Chicago’s Museum of Contemporary AArt, the Queens Museum,
 Crystal Bridges Museum of American AArt, the Nelson-Atkins Museum of AArt,
 the Minneapolis Institute of AArt and the AArt Institute of Chicago. He
 holds a BFAA and an MFAA from the School of the AArt Institute of Chicago
 and currently teaches at Harold Washington College one of the City
 Colleges of Chicago. In order to create slight confusion, he has added an
 extra letter A where ever the word aart appears in this bio.

 Compound Yellow:
 An autonomous site for learning, researching and making. Compound Yellow
 consists of multiple spaces for experimental exhibitions, public art and performance,
 classes and workshops, film screenings and events. The spaces
 within and around the compound are currently being defined and
 categorized. As of now they include:

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