12 Openings/Part 5

Sunday, October 21, 2-5pm

We are excited to invite you to the fifth installment of an exhibition titled 12 Openings, a yearlong experiment in collaborative curation with unpredictable results.

Each month two artists are invited to install an artwork in or around the home of Laura Shaeffer, Andrew Nord, and their sons Sebastian and Jasper, making the private public and extending our understanding of home, family, and community. Both artists are then asked to extend the invitation to one more artist to do the same, thus adding two more works, and two more show titles each month. Each new artwork multiplies the connections between the existing artworks and, overall, constructs a cumulative exhibition that subverts the traditional top-down nature of curating exhibitions, replacing it with a model of artist-driven co-curation. The narrative arc of the show is not predetermined, but rather built upon the robust and criss-crossing networks of artists in this collaborative city. 12 Openings showcases the artists that other artists are curious about and allows these connections to shine as the exhibition grows. At the end of the run, the 12th opening, viewers will be able to see 24 original works by 24 artists, selected and inspired by their peers. 

We are thrilled to announce our fifth participating artists:

Elena Ailes

poem, for window

Elena Ailes is an interdisciplinary artist and educator concerned with the encounters, intimacies and discordances found between human (actions, bodies, histories) and nonhuman worlds (plant, animal, mineral). She received her MFA in Sculpture and MA in Visual and Critical Studies from School of the Art Institute. She has presented her texts, videos and installations widely, including at the SculptureCenter (NYC), Randy Alexander Gallery (Chicago), Sector2337 (Chicago), the Harvard Graduate School of Design (Cambridge), and 4th Ward Project Space (Chicago.) She is the co-founder of jeux d’été, an artist-run curatorial project, and currently teaches at SAIC.


Matt Brett

Night in the Matrix

Matt Brett is an artist living and working in Chicago. His work has been exhibited in Chicago at; Gallery 400, Slow and Heaven Gallery, In Philadelphia at; High Tide, Little Berlin and Icebox, In New York at 136 w 22nd, in New Orleans at Parse, and in Richmond at Reference. He has attended residencies at ACRE and Skowhegan. He holds an MFA in studio arts from the University of Illinois at Chicago (2014) and a BFA in sculpture from Virginia Commonwealth University (2009). He is currently a lecturer for the City Colleges of Chicago.

www.mattkayhoebrett.com | Instagram: m.kayhoe